DIY Services

At Rental Place, we believe that you are the best person to manage your own property. That’s why we care enough to listen and partner with you so that you’re always kept in the loop. We also understand and respect that some of you prefer to take the DIY option and manage/sell your property yourself, but that you also need help in specific areas.

Real estate can be fraught with many legal stumbling blocks and tenant/buyer complications. These can cost you a great deal of time, money and frustration. The great news is that you can choose to use one or more of our services to get the most out of your property with the least possible hassle. Let us eliminate those worries for you!


How Rental Place can help you?

With the Rental Place DIY Services, you can pay individually for whichever services you require from the following list: 

- FREE Rental Appraisal – We will appraise your Brisbane property and determine the appropriate rent for your property 

- Advertisement Writing – Help with written materials such as property listings.

- Property Photography – Show off your property in the best light. We’ll supply a professional real estate photographer at reduced rates.*

- Advertising Services – We can get your property listed on widely viewed sites and use many methods to get your property rented as soon as possible.

- Finding you Tenants – We will communicate with potential tenants on your behalf and conduct inspections at their convenience to rent your property sooner.

- Tenant Background Searches – Know who will be moving in to your property.

- Lease Documentation Assistance – Have us draw up the paperwork for your lease. We know yours and tenant's legal obligations and responsibilities. Don’t leave legal implications to chance.

- Inspections – We will conduct a thorough inspection and provide a comprehensive written report including any recommendations. This report will cover you for insurance purposes and give you peace of mind knowing that the house is safe and in good  condition for tenancy. Our inspections service is ideal for landlords who are unable to travel to the property themselves.

  • Pre-tenancy inspection (Entry Condition Report)
  • Routine inspections (recommended at least every three months)
  • Post-tenancy inspection (Exit Condition Report) 


Were here to support your choice


At any point in the process, you are welcome to contact us to takeover on 07 3902 0256

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*(All of the above services [except professional photographer] are included in the full property management service)


Why not DIY?

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