I have worked with Bernadette over the past 3 years.

Aaron – Albion

With investment properties, we all know it is not always smooth sailing, but through prompt and effective communication there has never been an issue that we haven’t been able to resolve. I have...

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I Hired Bernadette after hearing great things about her through a friend.

A Mallos

I can honestly say she was outstanding to deal with. She achieved a fantastic result leasing my investment property quickly and for a great price (in a tough rental market too). I highly recommend her,...

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Bernadette, you have been amazing.

T De Campos

Honestly the best agent I have ever had. Worth every cent. Honest, quick and friendly. I would buy a property off you in the future. I will let all my friends know and highly recommend you. You achieved...

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We will be sure to recommend Bernadette to everyone!

L Waterhouse

 She was great to work with and most importantly kept the communication lines open. Thanks Again!  

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Jasmine was very professional and helpful with setting up paperwork and looking for a tenant.


I recommend using RentalPlace and will be using them again.Great work team

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Jasmine and her team are very professional


They follow up issues quickly and efficiently.

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I am a landlord and rentalplace is managing my property.

J. Kotzapetros

Jasmine and her team are very good and come across as if they were part of the family. They are always there beside you to overcome any concerns or issues. I would highly recommend Jasmine and her tea...

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I am a Londlord and RentalPlace are managing my property


I highly recommend Jasmine and her team to all landlords and tenants, I have had many experiences with many different real estate agents and I can honestly say that RentalPlace outshines them all and I...

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I can't recommend Rental Place highly enough.


We have been with them for several years now and they have been truly brilliant through every step of the process. They treat our property with as much care as they would their own. You are not just another...

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David- Sherwood testimonial image

Forget the rest - call Jasmine today.

David- Sherwood

"We first used Jasmine's DIY option to self-manage our rental which was simple and very cost effective. When we traveled overseas we handed over property management to Jasmine and...

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Kelly- Morningside testimonial image

I would like to congratulate you on a job well done.

Kelly- Morningside

"I am writing to compliment you on your professionalism. You excel in your job and out of all the rental properties that I have had myself, I have never experience this.  I would like to...

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Steve- Carina testimonial image

After many years struggling on with our previous agents

Steve- Carina

"After many years struggling on with our previous agents, we finally made the change to Rental Place. We are very impressed with Jasmine's energetic, skilful approach to managing our property to...

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Helen- Morningside testimonial image

Rental place is a fantastic busines

Helen- Morningside

"Rental place is a fantastic business. I have never received such efficient and personal customer service ever. Jasmine is highly experienced and nothing is to much trouble. I had to go into hospital...

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Steve- Morningside testimonial image

Rental Place works

Steve- Morningside

"Rental Place works because: they're focused, relentless and forensic. Nothing is left to chance. Communication is personal - and regular. I'm relieved my 3 properties are with them."

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Penny- Morningside testimonial image

Excellent management of my property

Penny- Morningside

"Jasmine, settlement crept up on me very quickly and I never got the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent management of my property over the past 12 months. You...

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Rick- Balmoral testimonial image

Warning Warning Warning- Now that I have your attention please read on.

Rick- Balmoral

"After meeting with a few different property management agents I was impressed with Jasmins professional and courteous attitude. Jasmins local and industry knowledge was evident with the rapid results...

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Steve- VIC testimonial image

I wish to thank you for your friendly and helpful service.

Steve- VIC

"I wish to thank you for your friendly and helpful service. I will contact you again if something changes. I will recommend your services to all I know. Thanks again"  

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Nadya- NSW testimonial image

Thank you for your help

Nadya- NSW

"Thank you for your help and I will contact you when the next vacancy comes up".  

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Michelle- QLD testimonial image

We have successfully tenanted our property...

Michelle- QLD

"We have successfully tenanted our property... Thank you for your assistance in advertising on it made a huge difference to the quality of people applying"  ...

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Alexander, NSW testimonial image

:) Thank you for your service. You're business will do so well. You provide great customer service.

Alexander, NSW

 "You were so helpful. Just small things like giving me advice"

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Michael testimonial image

Advertising Services


"Just wanted to thank you for your extra help with placing my ad in To Rent. I have a tenant and am finalizing with them today so will ask you to remove ad after that has been...

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